Tourism CoxsBazar

Explore the virgin 100 miles Long Beach in Bangladesh

Enjoyment all the day at CoxsBazar

The day time in coxsBazar
                                            may be enjoyed by:

1.Enjoying Sunrise & Sunset from the beach
2.Bathing in the Sea
3.Sunbath on the sandy beach
4.Wind Surfing.
5.Playing as you like.
6.Jet Ski-ing.

7.Beach Bike riding.

Horse Riding

Enjoy Sun rise & sun set
from the Beach

       In the early morning at 5.00 AM

remain present on the beach
enjoy the beautyof growing sun rise.
In the late of the day
at 5-15 PM you will be
thrilled by the
amazing sun set from  the beach
as you will see the gradual
de-illumination of the sun light.
The setting sun appears to have deeped into the sea.

Bathing in the Sea

Bathing in the wavey sea is thrilling game both  to local & foreign tourist.It is enjoyed by a host of foreign tourist in the exclusive private beach of coxsBazar maintained by the star classified  Hotels.A foreign tourist is not disturbed by any local tourist who enjoys in other part of the beach.

Bathing in the Sea for the inland tourist is the
 prime thrilling enjoyment in coxsBazar.


Please remember that Bathing in the Sea when the
is being hoisted by the beach guard is dangerous.Bathing is safe when the sea is on high
tide i e; Morning up to 11 A.M and at afternoon.Please Don't try to show your courage.Every year not less than 3/4 accidents occurs,which causes life of such over courageous young boys.

Sun Bath on the sandy Beach:

Sun bath on the sea beach is a health activity. Enjoy the sun bathing by staying in bare body in the sand under the sun.The foreign tourist can enjoys this health activity without being disturbed by the local tourist,in the exclusive beach maintained by the star marked hotels.


Wind Surfing-Playing-Jet Skiing

The tourist can enjoy day -long in the beach under shadowed sun playing,wind surfing upon hiring surf
                                                                  or enjoy the jet ski riding by own hand on wave.

Wind Surfing:The big game Wind Surfing can be enjoyed in coxsbazar.The wind surfing equipments may be rented from local supplier available on the beach.A host of foreign tourist enjoys wind surfing on the open sea.It is as safe as sea bathing

Playing as you like on the Beach :Beach foot ball is being played on the beach.The tourist may enjoy the game in two division formed instantaneously.Apart fro it Ha-Do-Do,Dariabanda,Gollachute,Ekka-Dokka,or even run racing are enjoyable game on the beach.

Jet Ski Riding : Jet Ski are on plying on the sea shore water operated by the local operated which can be hired on time besis.It's amazing ride on the open wave sea water.Thrilling indeed.

Beach Bike riding

Beach Bike riding is a wonderful enjoyment


Beach Bikes are available on the beach rentable for few bucks.
It's high thrilling ride on the beach.
These bikes are engine drive 4 wheel vehicle and safe to ride.

Horse Riding on the beach

The tourist may enjoy the horse riding along the beach.

Horses are available along with the attended at Tk.50.00 per ride.
Horse riding is thrilling game on the beach.