Tourism CoxsBazar

Explore the virgin 100 miles Long Beach in Bangladesh

Go Beyond the town

There are attractive places to visit beyond,
but within short distance from coxsBazar town.

Visit to this places are  possible with the same day return

1.Dula-Hazra safari-Park.
2.Bak-Khali RiverRubber Dam
3.Ramu Buddist Village
4.Himchori water fall & hilltop.
5.Inani Coral beach.
6.Teknaf Beach & town.
7 Ghoondhoom Crocodile firm

Dula-Hazara Safari Park

Dula-hazara Safari Park is the only Safari Park in Bangladesh.

The nature of the forest is tropical, evergreen and rich

with different types of floral and fauna composition. 

At present about approximately

1,00,000 Visitors come here every year. The eco-tourism

creates opportunities in areas having unique features or

attributes in natural scenic beauty, wildlife and wilderness.

Dulhazra Safari Park is an extension of an

animal sanctuary located along the Chittagong-Cox's Bazar


You can spent the whole day there.

Bak-khali River Rubber Dam

 Since Bangladesh has very little rainfall in the winter,

the requirement of water for irrigation during the

season is met from ground water sources and

by conserving a part of the monsoon surface water.

To do this, the Local Government Engineering

Department in Bangladesh has introduced rubber

dams, a cost effective technology that retains and

conserves surface water in the river channel,

reservoirs and lakes. It has constructed two pilot

rubber dams in the Bakkhali River and Idagaon Khal

in Cox's Bazar district that would supply irrigation

water to 8,000 hectares for rice cultivation.

Transport: Bus,Microbus available from CoxsBazar

Fare: Tk.25.00 (Bus one way) Tk.1000.00 (Microbus)both way

Read more about Rubber Dam

Ramu Buddhist Village   

          In the Village of Ramu  Buddist Lives,                                                         Know more
 having pagodas of ancient time.
Here you can see pagodas, monasteries which contain the images of Buddha in Gold and other metals as well. Ramu is a typical Buddhist village. This place has its own charm.

The most famous is the large
bronze statue of Buddhameasuring thirteen feet highand rests on a six feet high pedestal.Ramu is 16 kilometer off from Coxsbazar town and very easily reachable through Bus ,Microbus andother transport.
The Buddhist Monostry of Aggmedha Khyang
 is a major tourist spot.One can visit Ramu and return to coxsbazar on the same day.

Public Bus ply to & fro CoxsBazar.

Himchari Water Fall
& Hill Top
Himchari is a beauty spot in the solitude of the sea and the hills. About four and a half km southeast from
Cox’s Bazar along the beach and the Marin drive smooth road. A four wheeled beach Jeep
 and presently Electric Bike is the best transport.           
 Transport : Electric Bike

Fare :Tk.250.00 (both way)

Himchari water fall:A panaromic water fall
 extended the hilly beauty of the place. It, is a nice
place for the picnic and film shooting.
This picnic spot is famous for its waterfalls.

The road to Himchari runs by the open sea
on one side and hills on the other which
 makes the journey to Himchari very attractive.
 Its another attraction is the Christmas tree.

Hill top : There is a restaurant at the 80 feet top
 of the hill.A nicely built stairs takes the tourist to
the top of the hill.A scenic beauty of the sea
 from the top of the hill is amazing.
The watch kiosk at the 80 feet to of the Hill
The sea view from the Hill-top is marvlous.One can enjoy the scene
 of the sea from the top, sitting hours after hours and will not be bored.
The hill  restaurant cater fast food,hot and cold drinks.One can enjoy tea/coffee along with the nature.The beauty of the sea from the hill top is un-imaginable.Hours after hours can be spent at the hill top. See right for the scene.

Inani Coral Beach

Lovesome patches of beaches perched between the sea and the hills behind, some 30 km down south along the sea-front from Coxs Bazar, Inani is a quiet tourist hideout set out in the exuberance of nature. Reachable by public transport plying between Coxs Bazar- Teknaf and by four wheel Jeeps driving along the beach.

Inani Beach, Located 35 km south of Cox’s Bazar, this white sandy beach is located within Ukhia Thana. This beach is famous for its golden sand and clean shark free water which is ideal for sea bathing. Most tourists prefer to come down here for relaxing because it is free from the crowd of tourists that is usually seen at the Laboni beach.

Teknaf Beach & Town

 A romantic old-world border township in the southern tip of Bangladesh territory looking up to the Myanmar high hill ranges across the river Naf.Teknaf is 85 km from Coxs Bazar by road and 120 km by the beach along the sea. One can reach there by public transport that leaves Coxs Bazar every hour, It is about 2 hours journey each way.
Elephants, brown & White,are seen in the hilly woods of Teknaf ,specially one can see white elephant at the afternoon by taking lodge in Hotel Ne-Tong of parjatan corporation,teknaf.
Place to visit: At the police station premises  there is a well
Known as Ma-Thiner Kup.It has a saddest love story. Visiting this place is worth.


Ma Thin Kup...

Its name is “Ma Thin Kup” in Cox's Bazar district of the Range. This is a well located in front of Police station of Teknaf . Towards the early period of the twentieth century, one Police officer named Dhiraj Bhattacharjee joined Teknaf thana on transfer from Calcutta . At that time Ma Thin, daughter of a local zeminder, used to draw water form this ring-well every day. The handsome young officer and Ma thin fell in Love with each other at first sight. Because of social taboos Dhiraj failed to marry the daughter of the Rakhaine landlord. Their sweet and pure Love affair abruptly came to an end. Pining for her man of dream, Ma Thin succumbed to premature heart-break. Ma Thin's well is s tragic testimony to their unsatiated love.

Staying at Teknaf

This two storied 2 star hotel is owned by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporatio situated beside the road in one side and the Naf river on the other side having a beautifl paneromic view around and as such worth lodging for night and day.It has a restaurant catering sea food and Bangladeshi cuisine at reasonable price.

Hotel Ne Taung
(Restaurant Capacity- 150)

Ph : +880-3426-75104
E-mail :

Standard: 1AC Suite; 4 AC Twin Rooms; 10 Non AC Rooms; Ma Thin Restaurant 150-seating.

Regular Rate
(Per Room)
Non AC Twin
Tk. 700.00
AC Twin Room
Tk. 1,200.00
AC Suite
Tk. 2,000.00


The well of Suicide committed by Ma-Thin )

Ghoondhoom Crocodile Firm

A new Crocodile firm has been established at Ghoondhoom near the Mayanmar border, within Ukhia upazila which is  half the  way to  Teknaf from coxsbazar.The firm is a crocodile breeding farm now having 49 crocodile imported from Malaysia, costing each Tk.3 lacs out of which 31 is female ready to egg in the month of May/June 2011.The well known business concern Akij Group initiated the project upon 30 acres of hilly land, taking the same from government on long term lease.The project was started in the year 2009.Around the project a tourist spot is in progress to establish, having Cottages,Recreation center and a bird sanctuary.After the full implementation of the project ,the same will be open to tourist on commercial besis.

Place : Ghoondhoom,Ukhia.
Transport : Public Bus and Privately rented transport.
Time required to reach :2 hours.