Tourism CoxsBazar

Explore the virgin 100 miles Long Beach in Bangladesh

Sight Seeing in


While at CoxsBazar, do not
forget to enjoy the  beautiful
& heart throbbing sight seeing,of the following sites:

Buddhist Pagoda

Just through the Burmese Market one can visit the oldest pagoda of the Lord Buddha at coxsbazar.A host of Buddhist people resides in coxsbazar from British period as they have migrated from Burma.A pagoda Keeper along with other employees co operates the tourists.

If you are lucky enough you may sea the blooming peacock.

A huge foreign tourist visit these Pagoda's every year

Aggameda Khyang

 Equally elaborate in plan, elevation and decoration is the Aggameda Khyang near the entrance to the Cox's Bazar town which nestles at the foot of a hill under heavy cover of a stand of large trees. The main sanctuary-cum-monastery is carried on a series of round timber columns, which apart from accommodating the prayer chamber and an assembly hall, also is the repository of a large of small bronze Buddha images

which mostly Burmese origin- and some old manuscripts. Beyond the main khyang to the south there is an elevated wooden pavilion and a smaller brick temple with a timber and corrugated metal root. Apart from bearing an inscription in Burmese over its entrance the temple contains some large stucco and bronze Buddha images.

Visit to Land marks of
the CoxsBazar town

The Light House

This was established by the then British Government in 1887 to facilitate navigation of sea going vessel of Indian ocean.

The Circuit House
This is the government house where high government official stay, when visiting Cox'sbazar.The circuit house is situated at the top of the hill and another at the bottom of the hill, near kolatali.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<The Hotel Motel Zone
This is the newly built area where International Star marked  hotels ate built.The area is originally named  as Kolatali.Huge and beautiful hotel buildings are now seen in this area.

The Rest house of Roads & Highway
A beautiful hilltop rest house situated just at the entrance of the cox'sbazar town, near kolatali, wherefrom one can sea the beauty of the sea.

The Rudder Station
<<<<This station is newly built ,situated beside the hill top circuit house.Entrance of public is restricted.

Shopping in Cox'sBazar

Shopping in cox'sbazar is enjoyable.The tourist can shop in

1.Burmese Market
2.Jhinuk Market
3.Fish Market

Shopping in Burmese Market


A group (tribe) of Burmese people was settled in Cox’s Bazaar
 by the British following a colonial misadventure of a century ago. The people
 retain their language and Buddhist culture and the town and surrounding
 area contains several Buddhist business organization specially shops
 bundled with product manufactured in Mayanmer (Burma).

 There are most famous Woven made cloths,handicrafts at cheap price.

Explore the peaceful pagodas and Khyangs, just a short

walk from the bustling Burmese Market. You can try

some local beauty products (Sandal wood based),

hand woven textile and bed sheets among many

other things.


Jhinuk Handicrafts Market

CoxsBazar is rich in shell locally known as "Jhinuk'. Local crafts men creates different handicrafts with these Jhinuks which attracts not only the local tourist but also the foreign visitors. A 10 million market of 'Jhinuk handicrafts' are being explored by the local crafts men.Beside one can buy rare handicrafts in cheap price.

Raw & Dry Sea Fish Market

Raw Fish:Coxsbazar has a the local sea fish landing station where hundreds of sea going fishing trawler anchors for the deliver of the catch every morning.One can purchase any quantity of fish as he likes.The price is cheap.

Dry Fish:Apart from raw fish the tourist can purchase at cheap price 'Sutki' (dry fish) like 'Laita' 'Chury' 'Chapa' 'Chanda''Vetki' which are abundantly available  and cheap at Burmese market area.