Tourism CoxsBazar

Explore the virgin 100 miles Long Beach in Bangladesh

Visit the Islands around CoxsBazar

CoxsBazar is surrounded by 4 beautiful Islands, 3 of which are very near.While at CoxsBazar do not forget
to enjoy the gem of Coxsbaxar lying in these Islands around Coxsbazar.
Islands are :
Day trip Islands
1.Mohesh khali Island
2.Kutubdi Island
3.Sonadia Island

May-be-staying-Night Island
4.Saint Martin Island.

Mohesh Khali Island                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Go top
An island in the Bay in the north western direction off Coxs Bazar.The Island can be reached by Speed Boat which ply through the sea. The island is dotted here and there with forested hills with the ancient Adinath Temple and a buddhist vihara in its midst, fishermens villages and the Rakhyne villages etc. are greater attractions of the island. Engine boats and trawlers ply between the island and Coxs Bazar main land every hour throughout the day. Speed-boats and trawlers ferry across passengers regularly.
Speed-boats take 10-15 minutes and trawlers half an hour.Journey is thrilling as the boat crosses the bare rough Sea.
The fare is Tk.500.00 per boat.
Places to visit
Adinath Temple

The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva
 of Hindu religion.
The temple is located at the top of
 Mainak Hill on Moheshkhali Island.
Every year in the month of Phalgun
a local fair is held which draw
a large number of tourists.

The 'Purahith' is very cordial to the tourist.

(Please keep the sanctity of the temple which is a religious holy place)

Kutubdia Island
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Kutubdia is a nearer island to coxsBazar.
The main attraction is the  Light House
built by the British Government which is
important for
Chittagong sea port.
A police station at Kutubdia was
established in 1917.
The recently established
 Windmill Electric generation station
is a further attraction of this island, which is
the first of its kind in Bangladesh.
The island was upgraded into an

upazila in 1983.

Saint Hazrat
Abdul Malek Shah
was born on this island.
The photo shows
 the landing ghat named Mog nama Ghat
Speed Boat available from Fishery Ghat
Hire : Tk.500.00 per boat
Kutubdia (Town) consists of one mouza.
The area of the town is 9.82 sq km.
It has a population of 20249; male
53.04%, female 46.96%.
The density of population is 2062 per sq km.
The literacy rate among the town people is 29.8%.

  The Hybrid Wind Mill Power project at Kutubdia.            Read more                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Read More about Kutubdia

                         Sonadia Island     Go Up

This is a maiden island of Coxs Bazar across the Bay.It is an uniq & excellent virgin island of Bangladesh.The charming beauty of the island is unending. Under the wide open blue sky fishing community, dry fish processing and colonies of the red sea crabs are attractions of the island.

Deep Sea Port to be built
Sonadia is first choice for Bangladesh deep sea port
Bangladeshi government will seek project funding from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank

Bangladesh's Sonadia Island in the Cox's Bazar district is the most suitable site for the development of a deep sea port, according to a survey report submitted to the Ministry of Shipping by Japanese port consultants.

Sonadia (a crescent island.), about with an area of 9 Square Kilomerer. It is the north-west of Cox's Bazar. Sonadia Island is very rich for different kinds of shells. Thousands of fishermen camp here in Every winter and make large hauls. Sonadia Island is famous for the industry of dry fish.
Sonadia Island and the majority of the adjacent Ghotivanga mouza was declared an Ecologically Critical Area (ECA) under the Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act (BECA) (1995) vide GoB Gazette Notification No. MOEF/4/7/87/99/285 dated 19 April 1999.
The Sea Turtle of Sonadia
The rare spices of Sea Turtle are seen in Sonadia, but are on the verge of extinction.To protect it the govt.has taken the project.The govt has banned some activity in the island
In line with the requirement under BECA that operations and processes not to be carried out or initiated in ECAs be specified in the same notification that declared the ECA(s), or in a separate notification, the following were specified (in the same April 1999 gazette notification):

1. Natural forest and tree felling and harvesting
2. Wildlife or game killing
3. Catching or collection of corals, bivalves, turtles and other wild life
4. Destruction or alteration of habitats for flora and fauna
5. Any activities that relate to the destruction of the natural characteristics of land and water

            Saint Martin Island        Go Up

Visiting & staying at night in st.Martin Island is charming.The blue water around the island and the wonderful 'Chera Deep' is realy a waysis on the sea.the night beauty of the beach simply hilarious.

The journey being through High Sea the tourist enjoys  thrilling.
The Sea-going Ships are  operated by number of company,mainly by:

1.Keari Sindabad

Terminal at : Teknaf
Ticket price (One way ) : Main Deck : tk,300.00/ tk.400.00
Open Deck tk. : 325.00/tk.425.00
Bidge Deck tk. : 350.00/tk. 475.00
Voage starts :From Tecknaf :9-30 AM
 Return from St.Martin :3.00PM
About the Ship : Total seat : 346,On Board Canteen, Modern Ship.

Tickets can be purchased from Nilima Resort Hotel Counter.
Know the Island

Accomodation at St.Martin Island
A uniq 3 storied Hotel 'Blue Marin' is the
 best accommodation place
  in St.Martin Island which has 24 hrs.
Generator for Electric Supply.It has also tent lodging
Room Rent: From Tk.1200.00
Tent Seat Rent : Tk.200.00 per Bed
We recommend our guest to stay in this Hotel.

There are other Cottage Hotel in the Island

Sea Gold [ residential ]

Coral Reaf [ residential ]

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Sagor Paar [ residential ]

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layer image

Masum Resort [ residential ]

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Somudro Bilash [ residential ]

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Salim Resort [ residential ]

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Hotel Saikat [ residential ]

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Riad Guest House [ residential ]

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Fooding in the Island
A number of Restaurants situated at the Jetty Ghat Road
cater good food to the tourist at very cheap price.
This includes

Plain Rice,Chicken Curry,Beef curry ,Nan Rooty
Dal,Fish curry etc.

The cook is testy.The restaurant hygiene is satisfactory.

Sight Seeing in St.Martin
You can visit
Chera Dip,The Lagoon,The Light House